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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post-Racial Inauguration Scam

America's First Post-Racial Inauguration Scam according to AOL News and linked by African American Political Pundit.

By Dylan and Ethan Ris
History will be made this coming Tuesday when, for the first time in our nation's history, con artists will invoke an African-American president as they scam unwitting patriots.

In the past when crooks exploited Inauguration Day, they did so by forging affiliations with a white president-elect. But that's all changed, thanks to post-racial slimeballs like Emmet Cash III, who has raked in untold thousands by pretending to represent Barack Obama.

The aptly named Cash is the founder of Californians for Obama, a phony political charity that solicited donations for the Illinois senator's presidential campaign... with the minor caveat that Cash had no intention of actually forwarding this money to Obama.

For this, the Obama campaign rewarded Cash with a cease-and-desist notice, so Cash changed his organization's name to Californians for Change, as it remains to this day.

Which leads us to his latest scam...

The founder of Californians for Obama - an unauthorized Los Angeles-area group that used Sen. Obama's name to raise thousands of dollars from donors during last year's presidential campaign - has told one five-star Washington hotel [the Ritz-Carlton] he's organizing a "California High Tea" with Rep. Diane Watson, D-Los Angeles, ambassadors and political luminaries for inauguration week.

Problem: Watson's chief of staff, Richard Butcher, said the congresswoman knows nothing about the planned event - and most certainly didn't authorize the use of her name by the self-described political organizer, Emmett Cash III, who had also previously used her name without permission to raise money from Democratic donors.

The last time Cash claimed he'd be selling photo ops with Rep. Watson, he also bizarrely claimed that singer Eartha Kitt would be on hand as well. In fairness to Cash, Eartha was still alive at that point, but she bewilderedly denied any knowledge of the event.


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